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Flash your Favorite Phone to, Straight Talk for $10.00

You will be doing real manual flashing. Mailing Phone is not REQUIRED!! Flash phones like the pro's!


The needed software and guides will Be provided to you after purchase. You can download To Your Computer.
Windows and Mac Computers Are Welcome!

Flashing Phone requires the following programs:

USB cable
30 minutes to complete flash

Straight Talk Flash: $10.00

Straight Talk service $45 + tax

Service Offer to the following phones carriers phones:

Verizon Phones
Sprint Phones
Cricket Phones
Us Cellular Phones
Metropcs Phones

Olderphones That Can Be Flashed!!!

Samsung Galaxey 1 Phones
HTC Phones evo's and older
LG phones
Motorola Phones

Performing Any of These will partially or fully wipe out the flashed setting.         

* System/firmware updates after flashing.
* OTA (over the air) or hands free updates - no *228, *22801, *22890
* Changing the phone number - new numbers requires a new flash
* Factory reset

1. I have a Bad esn can my phone be flashed?
 YES. Verizon phones with bad esn  cannot be on activated on Page Plus But can be flashed to Straight Talk , and Verizon Prepaid

2. Can I port my phone number from current carrier?
Yes. Just require account information from current carrier.

3. Will anything be eased out my phone?
No. The flash is just reprograming your phone to work on the carrier of your choice.

4. Is this a full flash?
Yes. Talk, Text, MMS, 3G or 4g lte Data. Depending on your carrier coverage.

5. Will everything work on my phone?
Yes.  Everything will work on your phone like before. The only thing you will not get is 4G.

6. How long does the flash take?
20- 30 minutes. (Depends on your internet connection it could be a little longer.

7. DO I NEED a SIM card?
Some phones do need a sim card for the internet to work correctly. (Some Verizon, US Cellular,& cricket phones.)

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  1. Have a cdma incredible wanting to swap from gsm type with my number. Not think it will work the way it has to be done. Am I correct? Would I have to activate a st cdma donor swapping to cdma incredible?